Underrated Songs

Here are some songs that I believe deserve some more love. I'm not gonna include songs that already have a lot of recognition. I have a particular and broad taste in music so genres will probably vary greatly. Hope you guys can find a new favourite song. I'll be adding aesthetics and my fav lyric lines as well.

Old Me - 5 Seconds Of Summer

Except for a couple of hits, I think a lot of their songs are underrated.


'And they wondered how long I could keep it up but I wondered if I ever, if I'd ever get enough'

My Song 5 (Ft, A$AP Ferg) - HAIM


'Talk to me nice or don't talk to me'
'Missing you never led to much of anything'
'Jealous now 'cause I'm working with this female band, she wanna consume the world and get all females banned'

The Good Side - Troye Sivan

'Then I got the good side of new, found arms to fall right into'
'The people danced to the sound of your heart the world sang along to it falling apart'

How To Draw / Petrichor - The 1975

'I've not learned how to draw'

Roll Some Mo - Lucky Daye

The whole album is underrated.

'We don't have to be here if we stay we don't have to leave if we go'
'Got me on my knees, you're my religion'

Penthouse Floor (Ft. Chance The Rapper) - John Legend

'I heard this old joke once, it was like uh knock knock, who's there, it's us, who's us? Just us, who dis? Just playin' just me, new phone, new hair, new era. I'm in the penthouse baby'
'What a party, what a view, what a dress, what a song, what a beautiful time. My folks still downstairs waiting in line'
'Oh my favourite mix a little ignorance and bliss'

Love Incredible (Ft. Camila Cabello) - Cashmere Cat

'I forgot the feeling the feeling of being alone but not lonely'
'Could you be my muse?'

Number One - Tove Stryke

'Praise cool, I'm sorry but there's no can do. My youth ain't tangled up in bad decisions'

태양계 (Solar System) - 성시경

'태양을 따라 도는 저 별들처럼 난 돌고 돌고 돌고'

Off Of It (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign) - KYLE

'And you know I got the moves I teach that lil n***a how to dance'

20 Something - 정세운

'지금 무슨 생각해 뭐가 그리 복잡해'
'바람이 부는 걸까? 내가 흔들리는 걸까?'

You & Jennifer - ​bülow

'Vision of us in the future with a white picket fence and eternal decisions. I almost did it, glad that I didn't'
'Go pretend that you're just friends, I'll pretend that I'm not hurt'
'Rather be the girl that got away than be under your thumb'
'So I thank you for teaching me how I can live without you'

Saint Laurent - No Rome

Every song from him is underrated.

'I can feel something in my brain when we breakup'

Monster - dodie

'Being awfully loud for an introvert'
'So we won't eat our words 'cause they don't taste good

Boca Raton - Bas, A$AP Ferg

'Had to get away from the cold the Winter was killing my vibe'

Thrills - Donna Missal

'Feels like a nose dive, headshot, gas light, low rise, double time, overdose, relapse, kill shit'
'My love is real, yeah take it like a pill'

Better By Myself - Hey Violet

'Maybe it's the way you used me watered down my love, abused me'

Hard Place - H.E.R.

'And if I have to choose my heart or you I'm gonna lose, yeah'
'I'm caught between your love and a hard place'
'And even when you cause tears you're the one to wipe them away. Maybe that's the reason I stay, I stay'

LOVE IS (NOT) EASY - Chase Atlantic

'I'm so done with love 'cause like tears in the rain it means nothing'
'Don't fall in love 'cause love means nothing'

Thank you for reading! Hope you can get some good recs out of this.

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