is an online hub for trendy young shoppers to and the perfect casual wear addition to their closet that lets them express their current pop culture obsession in fun, over-the-top style.
We sell the hottest and coolest fashion fandom inspired clothing known to earth
because we simply got tired of general suggestions of whats cool and what Millennial's/Generz want to wear.  So we decided to hire ourselves and help them understand the heart of people like yourself, and the rest of world.  
A great collective of trust between us and our customers, their input and demand
We are also proud to claim that our products are made in America and print GUARANTEED to last for 4+ years or money your back. :)
The ingredients to the recipe of imagination that makes Fandom Up are equal parts bubblegum, glitter and fun. The Fandom Up girl stands apart from the crowd so that others can see her more closely. She's brave, funny and kind—the picture of teenage bliss. She styles her cut-offs with a brand new Fandom Up tank and Vans slip-ons, pulls back her long flowing mermaid hair to show off her sun-kissed shoulders shimmering with glitter, while holding a Strawberry Frappuccino in one hand and her smartphone in the other. These girls of summer take selfies like professionals and hashtag feverishly to gain more followers. Fandom Up is a one-stop shop, capturing the California coolness that many desire, but only a few really enjoy. Legions of fans through Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram, see their wishes transformed into trendy cropped tees, tanks, leggings and crewneck sweater styles. Fandom Up gives a voice to this digitally connected generation that seeks individuality in the coolest, freshest ways. With new styles updated weekly, and choices to style year-round, Fandom Up runs non-stop on Redbull energy and unicorn dreams. #Fandomup

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